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Locksmith (90 Seconds) - Pay Per Call

Locksmith (90 Seconds) - Pay Per Call

Offer Details

  • Category : Pay Per Call, Home Services, Locksmith
  • Sale ($) : $ 16.00
  • Last Updated : 22 May 2020
  • Countries : Gabon, Canada, Panama, Seychelles, New Caledonia


We are looking for experienced pay per call affiliates that sell qualified LOCKSMITH CALLS. The locksmith calls are zip code oriented. This does not include ignition key calls. This campaign is strictly for commerical and residential callers.
Keywords include: Residential locksmith, commercial locksmith, change locks, rekey locks, lockouts, house lockouts, apartment lockouts).

PLEASE NOTE: This campaign is not for ignition key calls.
Campaign Constraints: No email blasts, external traffic, discount/coupons.

We are also interested in experienced pay per call affiliates that are interested in buying qualified LOCKSMITH CALLS.
Payout will depend on quality, type of call, and duration. Duration may vary. These calls are all internally generated. Creatives upon request.

Target Areas (with payouts listed)
1. Albuquerque, NM (surrounding area)- $18
2. Allen Town, PA (surrounding area) -$18
3. Charlotte, NC (surrounding area) - $16
6. Greensboro, NC (surrounding area) - $16
7. Greenville, SC (surrounding area) - $16
8. Oceanside, CA (surrounding area) - $23
9. Palm Bay, FL (surrounding area) - $16
10. Palm Desert, CA (surrounding area) - $11
12. Savannah, GA (surrounding area) - $16
13. Staten island, NY (surrounding area) - $20
14. Stockton, CA (surrounding area) - $16

Targeting: By Zip Code

Campaign Constraints: No email blasts, external traffic, discount/coupons, incentivized traffic.

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