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ES | SOI | Singles 50 |Web|40+

ES | SOI | Singles 50 |Web|40+

Offer Details

  • Category : Dating mainstream
  • Lead (€) : 5.25
  • Last Updated : 25 Nov 2020
  • Countries : Andorra, Spain


Country: Spain
Flow: SOI
Cap: 100/daily
Target: 40+ ,desktop

We allow the following traffic sources:
− SEA/Google search
− Email marketing
− Pop traffic – this traffic should be first redirected to a publisher’s prelander, and then to our LP
− Facebook traffic – via your own Facebook account, no whitelisting needed
− Contextual, display, banners, …

We do NOT allow the following traffic sources:
− Brand bidding in SEA (all search engines) 
− Incentivized traffic (cashback programs included)

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