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Financial - SSDI 55+ - CPL (NOT AL,PR,ND,NM,SD,MT,WY)

Financial - SSDI 55+ - CPL (NOT AL,PR,ND,NM,SD,MT,WY)

Offer Details

  • Category : Financial Health & Beauty Lead Gen
  • Lead ($) : $ 13.50
  • Last Updated : 28 Nov 2020
  • Countries : Albania, Canada, Malta, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Sudan, United States


Financial - SSDI 55+ - CPL (NOT AL,PR,ND,NM,SD,MT,WY)

Conversion Point: Completion of the lead form. Successful lead is triggered on submit, if lead criteria are met.

Traffic Types: Web Traffic / Push / Native / Display / Search / Social / API post leads accepted / Contextual / Mobile

GEOs: US (NOT: North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, New Mexico, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and all US Territories.

Financial Budget Cap Per Publisher: 100 conversions per day to start

Restrictions: No Coreg / No Email / No SMS / No Incent

* Age: 50 - 64
- Expect to be out of work
- Has worked minimum of 5 years
- receiving medical treatment
- not currently claiming

You need to pass the following variables on the back of your affiliate link, REPLACING the placeholder info with your own.

&name=john&lastname=doe& Hills&address=123 Test Street

Please note, the visitor must complete the DOB manually to continue to page2

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