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123 Gewinner Sweepstakes - DACH - DOI - Incentive

123 Gewinner Sweepstakes - DACH - DOI - Incentive


By participating to 123 Gewinner Sweepstakes, users have a chance to win 500€!

Publishers cannot promote with any misleading information, logos, trademarks or brand names.

SOLELY the use of the approved material (banners, e-mails templates, etc.) can be used. If alterations or additions are needed to the existing material, it must be sent for approval. This includes pre-landers and the creation of a landing page, prior to its publication.

Additional creative banners are available. Please contact your Affiliate Manager for more information.

Converts on a Double Opt-In.

Offer Details

  • Category : Freebie
  • Sale ($) : $ 2.00
  • Last Updated : 17 Oct 2018
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