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ZA - Sniper X-2 - MTN

ZA - Sniper X-2 - MTN

Offer Details

  • Category : cpa
  • Lead ($) : $ 0.24
  • Last Updated : 03 Jun 2020
  • Countries : South Africa, Indonesia


Geo: ZA

Carrier: MTN

Payout: 0.24$


1) Target user group: a. ZA MTN operator mobile phone users, 3G/4G network priority; b. Android users above 2.3, above 4.1; 2) Delivery time period: All day 3) It is forbidden to use POPUP, incentive traffic, false traffic, misleading traffic, adult traffic, and it is forbidden to induce users to click to remove an obstruction and be unknowingly ordered. The channel must report each sub-channel ID, and the business platform will track the sub-channel ID according to the mobile phone number of the complaint user. 4) Promotion must strictly abide by the game's ordering process, that is, the user first clicks on the promotion Banner, jumps to the Landing Page, and then clicks the confirmation button to order the business. 5) After the user fails to order, the user is required to import the user into the Huawei designated order failure page according to the Huawei ordering process. It is strictly forbidden to divert the user to other unrelated pages.

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