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Concealed Carry (SMS Allowed)

Concealed Carry (SMS Allowed)

Offer Details

  • Category : Diet & Weightloss Mobile
  • CPA ($) : $ 30.00
  • Last Updated : 28 Nov 2020
  • Countries : United States


Please note: 433 US Concealed Carry has the below updated restrictions.

- No mention that the certificate is government issues
- Accurate time representations (30 mins)
- If possible, do not disclose price
- Can use the word "FREE" when referencing getting qualified
- The Permit itself is recognized in 70% of the USA or US by land mass. Please do not say that the permit is recognized in 70% of US States. Leave out the word "States".
- Copy can speak about the Permit, but must clearly transition to the Certificate, when speaking about the Certificate.
- Do not mention that the certificate is Multi-State, the Permit is Multi-State.

Also, as a reminder only approved creatives can be used. Any custom creatives MUST be sent in for approval.

Description Exercise your right to carry. US Concealed Online offers the first step in securing your Concealed Carry Weapons certification through detailed training and a quick certification test.

Pays on one time purchase.
Allowed Channels: SMS, Email, Display, Social, Push

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