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Tinnitus 911 (US, CA, UK, AU. NZ) (CPS) (Personal Approval)

Tinnitus 911 (US, CA, UK, AU. NZ) (CPS) (Personal Approval)

Offer Details

  • Category : Direct Offer
  • Lead ($) : $ 65.00
  • Last Updated : 30 May 2020
  • Countries : Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, United States


Description: Tinnitus 911 provides fast-acting relief of ear noises like ringing, buzzing, clicking and hissing. Here’s The Relief You’ve Been Hoping for: Tinnitus 911 Get ready to finally kick your tinnitus to the curb… Get ready to finally put an end to this dreadful ringing sound that’s been ruining your life… Get ready to feel, and act and LIVE completely normal once again! Just imagine… waking up to peace and quiet… No more ringing… no more loud whooshing, whirring or roaring… Just Silence. Beautiful, Glorious Silence

Requirements: Pixel fires on a valid purchase

You need to provide an email proof or placement before you start running the offer. Conversions without an email proof or placement will be rejected

Payment Terms: NET15

Restrictions: No Branded search on Tinnitus 911, No Coreg, No Fraud, No Incent, No Spam

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