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Multiple GEOs - Geo Group 2 - MacKeeper - LP3 - Desktop

Multiple GEOs - Geo Group 2 - MacKeeper - LP3 - Desktop

Offer Details

  • Category : Desktop
  • Lead ($) : $ 6.40
  • Last Updated : 03 Dec 2020
  • Countries : Norway


Target OS: Mac OS X (Web traffic only)

Target Browsers: All Browsers.

Conversion Flow: User installs.

Allowed Media:

  • Social
  • PPC traffic
  • Push notifications
  • Generic terms like "Clean my mac" are allowed


  • Paid search
  • Mobile traffic
  • Email marketing
  • Redirect to cart page URL
  • Incent traffic is not allowed
  • Hijacking or Hacking Practices
  • Software warnings pop-under ads
  • Use techniques that intercept traffic
  • Pops are not allowed in any variations
  • Misleading or materially Confusing, Alerting or Scaring
  • Trick the users into installing,anything they declined before
  • Use "" official domain (Directly or indirectly) in ppc traffic
  • In-page push from any traffic source (such as propeller, RTX, etc)  is strictly forbidden
  • Any type of advertising sent from adult sites (especially push notification) is not allowed.
  • Use Fake ( Links, Statements, Promises, Endorsements, Logod, Buttons or other such elements)
  • Any text/banner/prelander should be approved in advance. Please contact with your Account Manager.

Prohibited traffic sources:

  • Brand-bidding (the use of brand name keywords such as “mac”, “mackeeper”, “mac keeper”, “apple”, “cleanup”, “security”, “optimization”, “data control”, “software”, “utility”, “application”, “macos”, “mac os”, “Clario”, “kromtech”, “antivirus”, “macbook”, “clean my mac”, “virus”, “cleaner”, “malware”, “clean”, “imac”, “uninstaller”, “uninstall”)  and any similar variations of these words.
  • ​Affiliates are not permitted to bid on brand keywords ("mackeeper") and misspellings. Any variations like "download mackeeper", “mackeeper coupon”, “buy mackeeper” "install mackeeper", "mackeeper review" are also not allowed to bid on.
  • Use and/or incorporate of any materials which infringe or assist others to infringe on any copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights or to violate the law.
  • Contextual ads.
  • Google Display Network (any promotional activity on the GDN platform), or other search engine provider without prior written consent.
  • Adult traffic.
  • Tab under.
  • "Parked domain“ traffic.
  • You may not create or design your website or any other website that you operate, explicitly or implied in a manner which resembles advertiser's website nor design your website in a manner which leads customers to believe you are the advertiser or any other affiliated business.
  • Use and/or contain software downloads that potentially enable diversions of commission from other affiliates in the program or use techniques that intercept traffic, conduct fake installations from virtual machines, use Aggressive Advertising Materials.Pop ads (no pop-under and pop-up advertisements or any other variations)
  • Incentives (any form of promised kick-backs like offering cash for clicking, rebates, etc.)
  • Aggressive, scary and misleading creatives
  • Malvertising (injecting malicious ads or links into legitimate ad materials, hidden iframes, drive-by downloads)
  • Unauthorized creatives (the copy, visuals, or links for your custom ads should be approved before use)
  • Pre-landers, fake browser alerts, scam
  • Spamming (mass email or newsgroup posting, unsolicited commercial email etc.)
  • Fraud (cybersquatting or typosquatting, self referrals, fraudulent transactions etc.)
  • Search traffic
  • Bundling
  • Forced redirects, doorway pages
  • Intellectual property of a third-party (any copyright, trademark etc. without that third party's written permission)

Banner, push notification & native advertising guidelines:


  • Calming and positive colors (e.g. green or yellow)
  • Do not use red color for alerting or imitation of urgency to resolve any issues with the customers' Macs, i.e. red color should not be connected with problems or threats    

General Language

  • Grammatically correct and truthfull
  • Clear and straightforward, no confusing language
  • Presented in a user-friendly manner
  • No tiny fonts                        

Pricing and Discount Language

  • Clear and straightforward language about the offer and what the consumer will be asked to pay for later
  • Keep your pricing and discount language accurate
  • Price quotes may appear in ads if they are also visible on the landing page
  • Pricing must accurately reflect the actual offer that users will find on the website        

Call-To-Action Button

  • No fake CTA buttons (2 or 3 buttons even if they have different meaning)
  • Each CTA button should correspond to its purpose and, as a result, redirect users to one of MacKeeper’s landing pages        


  • Do not use exact numbers regarding MacKeeper productivity like 100%, 98%, 50%, 50/50, etc.
  • Avoid ""pushy"" phrases like: "you must", "this is the only option", "it is the best of the best" etc.
  • Avoid phrases like speedup Mac; boost / improve (your) Mac's speed; Increase /enhance / fix (your) Mac performance; High/Low performancelevel; Make (your) Mac (run) faster
  • Avoid words like: definitely, for sure, totally, completely, absolutely
  • Avoid phrases like: Fix issues; Maximum Security level; All/ all kinds of /every cyberthreats/viruses/malware etc.); Unlimited Tech Support; Best support quality; Best (Top, №1 in the world, etc.) Cleaning (Security, Optimization...) app.; Dangerous or critical system status; Issues that affect Mac performance
  • Words "Free" and "Problem” misuse

"Skip" option    

  • Consumers can close ads by obvious means
  • Disclosures and options are conspicuous and visible without requiring scrolling or other user actions  

Logo/Brand names/Trademarks

  • Do not use MacKeeeper robot logo (taking into account the current brand strategy)
  • Do not use trust marks, other company's logos or certification marks if we do not have any written permissions from them (should be verified individually)
  • Do not use, Apple logo, National Security Agency logo, Mac logo, social networks logo [Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.]                      

Direct / Auto Download

  • No Direct Donwload from ads
  • No automatically invoked download
  • Each CTA button should correspond to its purpose and, as a result, redirect users to one of MacKeeper’s landing pages                

Bluff customers

  • Ban to run a fake scan and claim that Mac is infected with virus(-es) and/or at risk

Use only the creatives provided by the advertiser. Any custom banner/prelander should be approved in advance. Please contact with your Account Manager.

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