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ES - Leroy Merlin 500€ - CPL SOI - Responsive

ES - Leroy Merlin 500€ - CPL SOI - Responsive

Offer Details

  • Category : Mobile
  • Lead (€) : 0.70
  • Last Updated : 26 May 2020
  • Countries : Spain


CAP: please confirm with your AMTARGET: +25yo. You can find prelander in 'creatives'1. No advertising in websites with the following content:- Politics- hate-oriented- glorification of violence- criminally relevant content that insults- generally unlawful or against rights of third parties in violation of this content2. No use of trademarks of third parties (logo, brands)3. No wording allowed that promises to win (e. g. You won ....)4. No misleading or false statements; such as counters or limited participation (e.g. “only 5 minutes to go”)5. Prelander are allowed as long as the requirements above are all considered
Regarding email and/or SMS campaigns the Publisher guarantees that emails and/or SMS will be sent only to users who declared their consent to receive advertising emails and/or SMS from the Publisher, in which products of the Publisher and/or third parties are advertised, including without limitation that the user has
consented in the receipt of so-called third party emails and/or SMS. In so doing, the Publisher ensures that the user gives his consent in a lawfully effective manner, depending on the statutory regulations and the judicature of the respective country the respective user has his residence in. The Publisher is obliged to prove that he has fulfilled these requirements and that he acts in compliance with the statutory regulations in case of request.
All emails sent in connection with the agreed Advertising Campaign must include an appropriate opt-out link and the statement of imprint/company information. All SMS sent in connection with the agreed Advertising Campaign must include the statement of imprint/company information. From time to time, REBLL may request Publisher to submit the final version of an email and/or SMS for approval to REBLLs ́ representative.

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