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32462 Mexico - [WEB] Singles50 - SOI 40+ - CPL

32462 Mexico - [WEB] Singles50 - SOI 40+ - CPL

Offer Details

  • Category : Adult, Leadgen, Desktop
  • Lead ($) : $ 0.55
  • Last Updated : 26 Dec 2019
  • Countries : Mexico


Singles50: Singles50 is one of the world's leading dating agencies for single women and men over the age of 50. We help you find the right partner for a fulfilling, long-term relationship. Our objective is to show that love can happen at any age! We allow the following traffic sources:- SEA/Google search- Email marketing- Pop traffic this traffic should be first redirected to a publishers prelander, and then to our LP- Facebook traffic via your own Facebook account, no whitelisting needed- Contextual, display, bannersWe do NOT allow the following traffic sources:- Brand bidding in SEA (all search engines)- Incentivized traffic (cashback programs included)CAPSThe default caps for all our campaigns are 100 conversions and 10,000 clicks per day. For requests of increasing caps, please contact us.NON-TARGETED GEOSWe do not accept and do not pay for leads that are not originated from the country in this offer.FRAUDWe are strict about fake leads, therefore we reject leads when our system detects fraudulent activities. If you are not sure about quality of your leads, feel free to reach out in order for us to assess quality of traffic. Our policy is to not divulge too much information regarding what we look for in determining fraud.

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