Brainer - Trial

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Offer Name: Brainer - Trial
Payout: $17.00 / cpa
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Network: Axad
Last Updated: Feb 01, 2021
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Brainer - Trial
* CC submit (7-day free trial) * Non-incent only. Adult, fraudulent, misleading, sweep flows not allowed. * Only pre-approved prelanders. Blocked geos: AD AF AG AI AL AM AO AT AZ BA BB BD BH BJ BN BR BY CD CI CM CN CO CR CU DZ EC EE ET GD GE GH GL GT GU GW HN HT IL IN IQ IR IS JO KE KG KN KP KZ LA LB LC LK LR LY ME MG ML MM MO MQ MR MT MU MV MZ NA NE NG NP OM PE PG PK PL PR PS PY QA RE RU SA SD SN SO SY TG TH TM TR TW UG UY UZ VC VE VN YE ZW


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