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Offer Details

  • Category : Debt and Credit Financial Payday Loans
  • Lead ($) : $ 32.00
  • Last Updated : 02 Apr 2020
  • Countries : Canada, Colombia, Comoros, Holy See (Vatican City)


REFI.COM gives customers the power to get the lowest interest rates available on the loans they need, to live life on their terms. We continue to build a modern mortgage marketplace focused on transparency and customer empowerment, enabling borrowers to shop multiple lenders to find the best deal possible. Payoff high-interest debt, get cash, or just lower your monthly payments? REFI is the answer.

User Flow/Conversion: Campaign converts on a successful mortgage refinance form fill with credit verification. REFI utilizes a short questionnaire that takes the customer less than 2-minutes with no social security number or credit inquiry required. Minimum $100k loan amount. No “Poor” credit ($65k. Unlike others, REFI utilizes a large network of full spectrum lenders and looks at actual guidelines. This means customers don’t necessarily need “Good” or “Excellent” credit to convert which results in a higher rate of successful conversions.

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