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Hulu - (B)

Hulu - (B)

Offer Details

  • Category : Incentivized Offers
  • Lead ($) : $ 12.50
  • Last Updated : 23 Feb 2020
  • Countries : Norway, United States


Description:Watch Shows and Movies Anytime, Anywhere From current episodes and original series to kids shows and hit movies, we have something for everyone. Marketing Channels Display,Mobile

Geo Targeting:Restrictions Traffic is allowed from US ONLY.

NoticeFlow: Converts when users subscribes for Hulu (c/c submit), New and eligible returning subscribers only! Cost for users $5.99 Fraudulent signups including fake/stolen credit cards, stolen identities, fake contact data will be reversed. Subscriptions that cancel within 7 days of signing up will also be reversed. Incent OK, Web and mobile allowed. When a customer intends to sign up with Hulu via an incentivized ad placement and within 90 days of time they file a dispute of the Hulu transaction to their credit card company, Hulu will be at loss on 1. Paying the CPA price to the publishers, 2. Paying the refund for the signup and 3. Paying a charge back fee to the bank per transaction. Hulu does consider these chargebacks as fraudulent activities / signups that publishers bring in. Please be aware of this issue might be coming and we will then need to reverse these. NO SEARCH TRAFFIC ALLOWED No email traffic No social media traffic Blacklist : IMVU , Swagbucks, MyPoints

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