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FanDuel - US, CA

FanDuel - US, CA

Offer Details

  • Category : Gaming Lead Gen Mobile
  • Lead ($) : $ 32.00
  • Last Updated : 28 Mar 2020
  • Countries : Canada, Morocco, United States


FanDuel is changing the game in fantasy sports. A new way to play fantasy — fan vs. fan in a test of sports knowledge and fantasy knowhow — where winners can taste victory on any given day. Not just once a year.

User Flow/Guidelines: Converts on valid CC submit.

Guidelines/Restrictions: No search (includes trademark, trademark+ and display URL), toolbar, network/re-brokering, or incent allowed. Content/blog sites, display, mobile, newsletter traffic ok. Email/video must be pre-approved in order to run. No illegal streaming/adult/drug sites. User must be 18+ (must be 21+ in the state of MA). Additional state limitations may apply. Conversions generated outside the allowed traffic verticals will be subject to nonpayment. This offer is not open to incentivized traffic; any leads that are suspect will be reversed. The advertiser reserves the right to reverse transactions for those publishers that produce a D1 retention rate of 2% or less. US and CA only. Advertiser-provided creative only; all other creative must be approved by advertiser before going live. No rebrokering.

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