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Portugal (PT) - iOs - AutoDoc - Mobile

Portugal (PT) - iOs - AutoDoc - Mobile

Offer Details

  • Category : Mobile, CPI - APPs, Display, iOS, Software
  • Lead ($) : $ 0.90
  • Last Updated : 27 Mar 2020
  • Countries : Spain, Indonesia, Portugal, Russia


Target Traffic: Mobile Display

Target Devices: Iphone iOS 9.0+

Target traffic: 3G & Wi-Fi

Conversion Flow:

  • CPI: The user is redirected to Play Store for downloading the app > User has to install the app.
  • CPA: The user makes a purchase within the app.

Target Carrrier: All


  • Incent traffic
  • Adult traffic
  • E-mail traffic
  • Sms traffic
  • Teaser ads
  • Pop-up
  • Doorway traffic
  • Co-registration traffic
  • Iframe traffic
  • Cashback traffic
  • Toolbar traffic
  • Facebook
  • Adwords
  • Please send your creatives to your account manager for a pre-approval

Soft KPI for optimization:

  • Purchase rate: D1 – 1-2%; D7 – 3-4%
  • Day2 RR: 10-20%

Fraud clause:

Fraud IssueReset ID Fraud
Suspicious data
New devices - over 70% of all installs
Normal dataNew devices: up to 30% of all installs
Device ID is constantly reset by the fraudster on the same device(s), to display a large amount of installs.
Fraud IssueInstall Hijacking 
Suspicious data
CTIT less than 10 sec 
Normal dataCTIT: 30-70 sec
Fraudsters plant malware on mobile devices that alerts when a download of an app
takes place. Instantly a click is sent to tracking platform claiming
credit for the install. These hijacked installs have very short CTIT
Fraud IssueClick flood
Suspicious data
CTIT more than 60 mins (over 75% of all installs)
Normal dataCTIT more than 60 mins (less than 40% of all installs)
Using Click Flooding, fraudsters send millions of clicks with real Device IDs, hoping to register as the last click for real users. Sources with this type of fraud have very low conversion rates, but high quality users, since most of them are organic. 
Fraud IssueLAT (Limited Ad Tracking)
Suspicious data
LAT devices - 80% or more
Normal dataAndroid LAT -1% / iOS LAT- 15%
LAT (Limited Ad Tracking) users select to opt out of exposing their device IDFA to advertisers. 
Fraud IssueSmart bots
Suspicious data
Abnormal in-app activity: Day7 registration rate or Day7 login rate over 30% without purchases
Normal dataDay7 registration rate: 1-5%; Day7 login rate: 1-5%; 
smart bots imitate in-app events and RR
Fraud IssueOther fraudulent activity
Suspicious data
Day2 RR:0-5%; loyal users rate: 0-5%; uninstall rate: over 55% ; 
Normal dataDay2RR:10-20%; loyal users rate: 20-45%; uninstall rate: 10-30%
incent, reset ID devices etc

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