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Poland (PL) - Academic Singles - Mobile

Poland (PL) - Academic Singles - Mobile

Offer Details

  • Category : Mobile
  • Lead (€) : 0.80
  • Last Updated : 29 Oct 2020
  • Countries : Poland, Germany


Target audience: Men and Woman 30+ years old

Conversion Method: Single Opt-in (SOI) CPL

Allowed Traffic: 

  • Mobile Display
  • Email Marketing
  • Push Notifications
  • SMS traffic
  • Social traffic (prior approval)
  • GoogleAds
  • POP (it is mandatory to use a prelanding)


  • Under-age leads
  • Incent Traffic
  • Adult traffic/creatives
  • Virus
  • Fraud
  • Spam email
  • Desktop traffic

Note: Invalid or Fake leads will not be paid

Advertising material

Affiliate may either:

  • Use advertising material provided by Advertiser in selected campaign. Advertising material shall solely be used “as is”. Affiliate is not allowed to:

–          Make any modifications to this material;

–          Combine advertising material with anything else;

–          Use advertising material on any pornographic websites;

–          Use any other material which is not provided in the selected campaign;

–          Copy any creatives or texts from Advertisers websites.

  • Create its own advertising material.

Affiliate creates such own advertising material completely at its sole cost and expense.

Affiliate is not allowed to:

–          Use any Advertiser’s advertising material in combination with Affiliate’s own advertising material;

 –         Use /mention any of Advertiser’s logos, brand names or URL in combination with Affiliate’s own advertising material.

  • All published advertising material will be subject to the prior approval. 

Further Program restrictions

Affiliate is not allowed to:

  • Use any material (photos, etc.) for which Affiliate has no copyright or proper license for 
  • Use any material (photos, etc.) which consists of or contains photos of persons under the age of eighteen (18) years, even if Affiliate has copyright or proper license for such material
  • Use Advertiser’s brand (logos, brand names, URL, etc.) to promote sites that do not belong to Advertiser’s portfolio
  • Promote campaigns on sites that show no content, only banners 
  • Promote campaigns on sites that are not existing yet or (still) under construction
  • Promote campaigns on sites that contain illegal, pornographic or any racist content
  • Promote campaigns on sites that are not available or returning an error 
  • Involve any spyware, adware, spoofing, phishing or the violation of the terms of service/use, privacy policy or advertising guidelines of any website
  • Run an automatic re-direct from Affiliate site to one of Advertiser’s domains/pages
  • To send any incentivized traffic
  • Generate and / or forward any fraudulent traffic, this includes any fraudulent promotional methods, like creation of fake profiles on social media platforms 
  • To offer any discounts or free offers for products, unless this is expressly mentioned in the campaign selected 
  • Link directly to an Advertiser’s  domain (e.g.,,,, in Google Search, Google Search Network, Yahoo! Search Marketing or Bing/MSN, etc., but link to Affiliate’s own domain without the explicit prior consent.     
  • Bid on adwords which are identical to or include Advertiser’s brands and trademarks, including any misspellings of Advertiser’s brands and trademarks including, but not limited to, the below listed misspellings; as far as possible, all the misspellings should be requested to be added as negatives without the explicit prior consent. 
  • Bid on keywords which are identical to or include Advertiser’s brands and trademarks, including any misspellings of Advertiser’s brands and trademarks including, but not limited to, the below listed misspellings; as far as possible, all the misspellings should be requested to be added as negatives without the explicit prior consent.
  • Bid on adwords which are identical to or include brands and trademarks of Advertiser’s competitors, including any misspellings without the explicit prior consent.
  • Advertiser’s brand misspellings (list is not exhaustive): be2, be 2, b2, b 2, betwo, be two, btwo, b two, betoo, be too, btoo, b too, bee2, bee 2, beetwo, bee two, beetoo, bee too, betu, be tu, btu, b tu, beetu, bee tu, 2be, 2 be, 2b, 2 be, Academic Singles, Le Parfait Gentleman, singles 50, kultivierte singles 

E-mail advertising rules

E-mail advertising in Germany is not allowed. For any questions, please approach your account manager.

Please Note: in case of email advertising Affiliate guarantees not to send any advertising to the email addresses listed on current blacklist. Affiliate will have to consent to blacklist in the course of his registration. Blacklist will be updated from time to time, Affiliate is responsible to check blacklist each time before sending out e-mail advertising. In case of infringement affiliate will take the full responsibility for all arising costs at first request. Affiliate shall maintain a regularly updated suppression list containing all current unsubscribe requests and comply at all times with the current European data protection laws (opt-out possibility, no spam, etc.). In particular Affiliate shall not send out any emails promoting Advertiser´s company and/or any of its products and/or services without prior express consent of the recipient. Affiliate shall ensure that such aforesaid consent complies with the following requirements (notwithstanding and without prejudice to any and all further respective requirements under the applicable laws):

(1)    The consent must be expressly granted by the applicable recipient;

(2)    No pre-ticked checkbox allowed;

(3)    Consent text must comprise name and business address of company which is going to send the promotional emails;

(4)    Consent text must contain a concrete description for which kind of services consent is given and which company offers those services;

(5)    Consent text must contain the information that the consent may be revoked anytime;

(6)    User must be able to look up the content of his consent anytime (which requirement is fulfilled where the consent text is included in the confirmation email as detailed below);

(7)    For IP addresses in Germany: Double-Opt-In is required. Procedure of consent, content of consent together with complete consent text and the data filled in in the framework of giving consent shall be archived in such a way that the consent can be proven completely and comprehensibly in front of court by presenting print-outs. For such purpose, the Double-Opt-In procedure shall be implemented subject to the following specifications:

(a) The user receives an answer email after he has given his consent on a website, answer email contains a confirmation link. Answer email which contains the confirmation link must contain the consent text, be free of advertising and shall be approximately as follows: „You registered for our newsletter. Content of your consent: I consent to the receipt of newsletters and information via email about new products, campaigns and other offers of  ______________  (company name and address) for dating-services. I can revoke my consent anytime, e.g. via email to______________ (email-address).“ Please click on the link below to finish your registration: ____________________ [confirmation link]“

(b)  If users clicks on confirmation link, he receives the newsletter. 

(c)  If user does not click on confirmation link (within reasonable period of time – approximately 2 weeks), no newsletter will be sent to user. Confirmation link must be clear and explicit 

(d) Documented shall be (in anytime printable format):  

  • Email request of person registering, including the consent text
  • Archiving of the registration website (including the period of website being live)
  • URL of registration website, via which the request of person registering has been sent
  • IP-address of person registering at the date of giving consent (Note: in case of dynamic IP-addresses IPaddress has only limited evidential value)
  • Date and time of request of person registering 
  • Data filled in at registration by person registering
  • Answer-email including the confirmation link, including date and time (possibly also:  IP-address  of recipient) 
  • Activation of email address via the link by user, with date, time and IP-address
  • Activation email created by system after confirmation with date and time (possibly also:  IP-address  of recipient) Affiliate will at all times insert the tracking code/s on its site/s. 

Facebook advertising rules

Facebook advertising is only allowed under the condition that the Affiliate:

  • Complies at all times with the (i) Facebook Advertising Guidelines; (ii) and the Facebook Ads Policy; (iii) and the Facebook Guidelines for Dating in all advertisements for Advertiser’s brands and trademarks
  • Sends an e-mail to the Account manager to ask for prior approval to run Facebook Ads
  • Receives this approval from the Account manager
  • Uses solely the Facebook ads as provided by the Advertiser for this purpose 
  • In case the Affiliate wants to create its own Advertising material the Affiliate needs to get prior approval from the Account manager to run any of these specific creatives, texts and targeting. In case the Affiliate infringes these Facebook advertising rules above all pending conversions and approved conversions that have not been paid out yet will be declined and the Affiliate will be removed immediately from the Program. This shall not restrain to claim further damages from the Affiliate arising from this infringement. The Affiliate will not be allowed to ever run through the Program again, this also includes Affiliate acting through any another entity, company or network.

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