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Spectrum TV/Internet | Pay Per Call Exclusive

Spectrum TV/Internet | Pay Per Call Exclusive

Offer Details

  • Category : Pay Per Call
  • Lead ($) : $ 9.60
  • Last Updated : 14 Dec 2019
  • Countries : Andorra, Iceland


Call now to get Spectrum TV/Internet/Phone for your home.

Pixel fires on a > 90 Second Connected Call & Keypress [2] in region

Traffic Allowed: Inbounds only - Display, Search. Other traffic sources are contingent upon approval (Social/Contextual/Pops)

Targeting: Best results focus on higher income households. Please avoid the economically challenged demographic

No bidding on brand, domains, or any variation thereof
All creatives and ad copy must be submitted for approval.
Duplicate calls within 30 days will not be paid.
The advertiser reserves the right to withhold payment for leads generated using fraudulent promotional methods

Please reach out to your publisher manager for details on KPIs.

Charter Communications Marketing Rules
The following sales tactics are permissible with pre-approval by Charter in writing:
• Print advertisements (including free-standing inserts)
• Yellow-Pages directory ads
• Solicitation at Retailer’s physical locations (whether fixed or temporary) via face to face cross selling
• Counter signs, flyers and other similar materials
• Cross-selling by Retailer call center service representatives on inbound phone calls
• Radio ads
• Trade shows
The following sales tactics are prohibited:
• Door-to-door direct sales in residential neighborhoods or Apartment complexes conducted by Retailer or Retailer’s employees or contractors, even as a fallback option when the primary purpose of the call or visit to market other vendors’ services is strictly prohibited.
• Soliciting subscriptions for Charter Services, directly or indirectly, via facsimile, email, direct mail, shared mail, social networking sites or applications, (or similar), text messaging or outbound telemarketing , either live or recorded is prohibited.
• Any Event that uses branded advertising (including, but not limited to tents and banner) must have prior approval and must have either a written authorization from the property owner, manager, or applicable permit. Areas that are not permitted include, but are not limited to: o Swap meets or similar Events o Multi-Dwelling Unit are managed by our Community Services team and are off limits to any of
our Retail Partners o Door to Door Residential Marketing is also off-limits o Events that are in the area of a Charter Company owned store or Big Box Retailer that has a
relationship with Retail Partnerships is prohibited. This includes:
▪ Walmart
▪ Best Buy
▪ H.E.B
▪ PC Richards
▪ We will update this list as we continue to add new retailers.
• Digital tactics including but not limited to the use of branded keyword paid search not be used, and no URLs for websites may contain the name “Charter”, “Spectrum”, “Time Warner Cable”, “Bright House Networks”, any variations and/or misspellings, and any word created/used for the purpose of directing Spectrum business is prohibited.
• Publisher agrees not to solicit other resellers that have an existing agreement with or have been previously terminated from Charter, Time Warner Cable, and Bright House Networks for the purpose of selling Charter services.
• Spectrum Services may not be solicited by advertisements that promotes fraud such “owe money, no problem” or “no money down”.
• All advertising, including generic, where Spectrum services are in the selling portfolio, must be approved by Charter.
• Any person or entity the Retailer engages for the purpose of soliciting Charter services is the sole responsibility of the Retailer. This includes agents, sub-agents, contractors and 1099 workers. Retailer must provide Charter with the contact name, business name, and address for each person or entity that will represent Charter services on Retailer’s behalf. Retailer is responsible for ensuring the accurate identification of any person or entity representing the Retailer. Any person or entity that represents Charter services on Retailer’s behalf must be approved in writing by Charter. Retailer assumes responsibility for market tactic violations of any person or entity that is representing the Retailer.
Charter has the right to:
• Place test orders to monitor compliance.
• Request transfer of URL ownership regarding unauthorized URL addresses.
• Issue a warning, suspend or terminate the Publisher Marketing Agreement if Publisher is found utilizing unapproved sales tactics and/or engaging in prohibited sales activities.

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