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Samsung S10 - PT (PSMS OFFER)

Samsung S10 - PT (PSMS OFFER)

Offer Details

  • Category : Mobile/ Cell/ App
  • Lead ($) : $ 8.00
  • Last Updated : 02 Apr 2020
  • Countries : Macau, Norway, Portugal


Carrier: VIP, Telekom, Telenor

Flow: MO Flow

- NO INSTANT VIRUS/INSTANT WINNER ETC.! Banners & prelanders cannot say the user has a virus/requires a(n) (system) update or else.. etc. Using the words potential, might need etc. can be used instead.

-No logos of other brands/companies/artists (supermarkets, banks etc.) (Apple is allowed) in the entire flow.

-No use of names/logos of carriers/ISP's in entire flow.

-No whatsapp / viber viral, tell a friend etc.

-No Facebook mimicking (pretending to be an operator/company/supermarket/brand/agency etc.).

-Please have all pages and creatives approved by your affiliate managers before running the offer. Any violation of this will result in the publisher payments to be withheld

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