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Doctor Dong ZERO (MFO) CPL VN

Doctor Dong ZERO (MFO) CPL VN

Offer Details

  • Category : Loans & Banks
  • Lead ($) : $ 2.00
  • Last Updated : 06 Dec 2019
  • Countries : Belgium, Indonesia, Tonga, Vietnam


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READ Before run offer Content Guideline(update: 06/05/2019)

Hold: 7 days

Leads/per month
Rate/every lead

< 300

300 - 600

600 - 900

> 900

*the Difference in rates is paid in the middle of the next month

*Preview is available under Vietnamese VPN

Campaign Description:

Customer’s profile
- Age restriction: 20 – 60 years old
- Geography: Vietnam (except Hai Phong and Island province)
- With stable job and income from 2 mil VND and above
- Not in bad credit history

More information:
- First time loan:
amount up to 2,5 mil VND
tenor 10 days
interest rate 0%
- Loan disbursement channel:
First time loan: only through bank account / bank card with condition bank account/card name is the same with name on application (and application ID).
- Re-payment channel:
Banks, Viettel, MoMo e-wallet.

DoctorDong Affiliate Program prohibits next types of traffic:

PopUp / ClickUnder
Cashback – TO BE APPROVED by advertiser
Social networks (Facebook, twitter and etc.):
- Creation of brand page/groups
- Providing misleading & not reliable information about DoctorDong services
- Motivated traffic
- Offering ads (tasks completing for any bonuses)
Any incentive traffic is strictly forbidden. (Webmaster promises or provides any kind of bonuses for Users for the fact of applying).
Contextual ads (Google AdWords):
- directly to
- keywords: doctordong, doctor dong, drdong, dr dong,,
Branded “middle” landing pages – TO BE APPROVED by advertiser
Adult traffic
Broker traffic. DoctorDong Affiliate Program prohibits any “broker” traffic. Applications must be completed by the borrowers themselves!

Penalties for violations:

In case of violation the webmaster will be excluded from DoctorDong Affiliate Program.
Payment of a webmaster remuneration for the reporting period (last month) will not be made.

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