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Prestamer (MFO) CPS ES

Prestamer (MFO) CPS ES

Offer Details

  • Category : Loans & Banks
  • Lead ($) : $ 25.00
  • Last Updated : 06 Apr 2020
  • Countries : Spain, Indonesia


Hold: 30 days

Terms if the loan

loan amount(euro)
loan term(days)

50 - 300(first loan)
7 - 21
21 - 74

Additional information

Forbidden keywords


Advertising materials

Publishers can use banners provided by the Advertiser
Advertising materials created by Publishers should comply with Spain laws and legislations
“Prestamer”, “Robot Prestamer”, and associated with Prestamer brand words and phrases are forbidden in advertising materials (others than provided by Advertiser in accordance to the Section 1)
Forbidden information:
  4.1 Incorrect information about Advertisers terms of services (loan amount, period, loan interest and percent, required information). Examples: PRESTAMER offers you 2000 EUR for 3 months by 1%» or «Get loan, no ID required».
  4.2 Promises that Advertisers cannot give on a current stage or until registration is complete: «Your loan is approved. Please fill in the application», «Take your loan! Registration is 4 mins, 100% approval»
  4.3 Advertising texts mentioning Advertiser’s campaigns that are not active at the moment of advertisement.

Not allowed:

Direct partner links from Google Adwords advertising other advertising channels
Brand mimicry for Prestamer
E-mail / SMS spam
Forbidden keywords in Google Adwords (also Display URL) advertising content: prestamer, robot prestamer
Forbidden keywords in domain names (also as an element): prestamer, robot prestamer
Forbidden keywords in Google Adwords (also as an element) prestamer, robot prestamer
Push, Toolbar, PopUp / ClickUnder, Doorway pages, Adult
Incentive traffic (bonus / cash), Cashback
Other restrictions

Prestamer ES is a robot of online loans, offering short loans of 50 to 300 euros for new users and up to 1,000 euros for repeat loans for a period of 7 to 21 days.

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