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  • Category : Tourism and recreation
  • Offer Payout : от 0,96 до 2,24% RUR
  • Last Updated : 25 Sep 2020
  • Countries : NA

Description - one of the most popular services in the Russian Federation, created for booking air and railway tickets, as well as hotels and hotels anywhere in the world.In online mode, you can order tickets for any direction, to issue registered, find the perfect hotel for a few minutes, saving him time and money.Also, for the convenience of customers on site are accurate schedule departure commuter trains, long-distance trains, information on departure and arrival of aircraft, availability and other useful information for traveling.Due to the success and long-term cooperation with major shipping companies, guarantee service quality, favorable conditions and affordable prices for customers.Affiliate Program Rules Tutu.ruContextual AdvertisingIn all advertising words add minus the word. Download a mandatory list of negative words (attached to the letter of the file).· Do not use keywords as name brands TRAVEL sites.· Prohibiting all forms of content, leading directly or with an automatic redirect to the site· The text ads are prohibited from using branded keywords from the list (attached to offeru file).· Prohibited context on railway topics (Air context can leave)Doorway traffic∙ You may not use doorway pages with automatic redirect, so-called "Black" and "gray" doorways∙ You may not use second-level domains with the mention of a trademark tutu according to the rules of use of the registered trademark∙ It is forbidden to copy the complete structure and design of the main site, not to introduce visitors to misleadEMAIL - Newsletter- Allowed only on an individual agreement with the manager offera· Prohibited spam;· It is forbidden to prevent illegal mass mailings via icq, soc. network, mass posting links, etc.· It is forbidden to do e-mail on behalf of the company;· At the bottom of the unit should be explaining, on the basis of which the client received the newsletter and how it can unsubscribe from it.General restrictions.It is forbidden to produce automatically transition to the advertiser's site in a minimized window.It is forbidden to automatically open an additional window after the transition to the advertiser's site.Prohibited in order to attract customers / orders, use of trademarks not owned;SEO optimization is forbidden to raise brand traffic;Or to create clones website and (or) use an interface similar to the interface of the website;It is forbidden to create groups in social networks on behalf of the company and use brand logo and company colors (everything that can confuse the user and indicate that it is the official group);It is forbidden to create groups in social networks on behalf of other companies and put a travel search forms or links to the site Tutu.Ru;Denied an automatic redirect, popup or unobstructed windows and any other intrusive types of advertising. (PopUp, ClickUnder, Toolbar, etc.).We are interested in working with bloggers, video bloggers, with content sites, social clubs travelers. networks.Join our program.

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