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Fresh casino CPA KZ

Fresh casino CPA KZ

Offer Details

  • Category : Gambling
  • Lead (RUB) : 1,500.00 RUB
  • Last Updated : 12 Dec 2019
  • Countries : Armenia, Kazakhstan


Paid event:  paid action  - ftd 500 kzt added within 7 days after registration

Payout will be provided in USD with the currency rate of the payout day on wmz

Payout can vary a little from different source of traffic.

Geo: Kazakhstan

Qualified deposit is deposit from new player made within 7 days from player's registration

Description: in this offer only Facebook, context, Viber and doorways are allowed

Important: it is important to approve your FB apps before starting the offer. Advertiser needs to see it befire the start.

Procedure for Verification and payment: Validation - every friday, payment is provided every week after 7 days hold (every week for the previous week)

Important: It is not allowed to use landings with fortune wheel in Webview app! In Webview you can use only main page or registration landings.

Test volume:  Each new partner has to fill the test cap 20 deposits. The traffic verification is done only if the test cap was filled. The decision on further cooperation, cap and payout is determined by the result of the test promotion. Verification and payment aren't carried out if the test volume not been reached. In this case the low traffic volume is not sufficient to evaluate the quality of delivered traffic.

10 ftd is minimum for payment, if web master drives less than 5 ftd, traffic can be unpaid 

Prohibited traffic sources:
- Vk group
- telegram
-motivated (incentivized) traffic including casino chearting schemes 
-misleading (fake information about non-existing bonus, terms etc)
-brand bidding, context, SEO for ROX 111
-traffic generated from fake Vulkan mega webpages in social networks, messagers and landing pages that evokes associations with official brand
-spamming in social networks.
Besides,  it's not allowed to use offer tracking links directly, without reductions.

Traffic is not suitable for advertiser if:

- average the first deposit is lower than 200 RUB
- number of repeated deposits is lower than 50% of the number of the first deposits
- a week after registration more than 80% of new users spend less that 24 hours playing in casino
- dublicates are more than 10% from the whole number of tfds

It is compulsory for all webmasters! before sending traffic, please, look closely at offers' terms and follow them. If anything is unclear or several terms require additional discussion (sources, creatives, approach etc), please, contact your AM to resolve all issues before start running the offer. Otherwise you will personally take responsibility in full for the way you work and the promotion results.


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We have 900+ WW offers on CPL (SOI, DOI), CPA, СPI, and Rev Share in highly focused verticals:
- Trading, Gambling, Betting, Dating and etc.

Types of traffic sources that we work with include Web Sites , Display/Banners, Mobile, Social Media, Teaser/Banner Ads, SEO, PPC/PPV, Contextual, Email, API, ClickUnder/PopUnder, Adult, & Doorways.

Our key features include:
- Affiliate Management - 24/7
- Convenient and detailed statistics on all devices
- Innovative tracking platform
- Open API
- Smartlink for Category and GEO
- Weekly Payments
- High Approval
- 24/7 support in Russian, English and French
- Referral Program
- s2s and API integration for CPL, CPA, CPI, and RevShare campaigns.
- We regularly hold competitions with cool prizes!

Weekly payment to Webmoney, Capitalist, Epayments, Skrill, and Wire.
Increased payments and individual scheme of payment for affiliates with real-quality traffic.

We will show you real cases from our publishers, which allowed them to raise high profit via doorways, PUSHs, Instagram, brokerage, email databases, etc.

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