Bitcoin Evolution CPA MX, PE, CL, BO, PA, CO, IT

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Offer Name: Bitcoin Evolution CPA MX, PE, CL, BO, PA, CO, IT
Payout: $650.00 / lead
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Categories: Crypto
Network: C3PA
Last Updated: Feb 01, 2021
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Bitcoin Evolution CPA MX, PE, CL, BO, PA, CO, IT
Flow: CPA - FTD Min. deposit: 250$ Targeted user: Best target 30+, all genders, desktop mostly Top results: Best sources are FB google native and email CR can be lower on Sat-Sun Restricted traffic sources: Incent, fraud, bot traffic, rebrokering. Promo materials: Allowed to use own creative materials Kindly note the following: Deposit is deemed to be valid only upon Call-Center approval. Any deposit followed by the withdrawal will discharge the lead. Strictly prohibited to use any kind of fraudulent activities, incentive and bot traffic. In case of breaking offer rules, Affiliate will be blocked and all leads will be declined. FRAUD WARNING! Our Affiliate Network keeps only qualitative traffic delivering to our Advertisers. In case of any fraud detection, account of such Affiliate blocks automatically.


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