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IQ Option CPA WW

IQ Option CPA WW

Offer Details

  • Category : Binary Options
  • Lead ($) : $ 90.00
  • Last Updated : 19 Oct 2020
  • Countries : NA


Description: IQ option is a financial trading service, that opens existing world of trading for every one.

Cap: No cap

Baseline: 10$

Flow: CPA (CPA goal: First time deposit from an active user on IQ option platform. The payout depends on the OS and geo of the user.)

Restricted traffic sources: incent, bot traffic, fraud 

Active user is the user that showed relevant trading activity within first 7 days.
You will get the deposit signal in real time, but we implement 7 day hold for payout.
If the user does not show relevant trading activity within the hold period, we recognize him as incentivized user and the payout is done according to Incentive offer rates.

If you have incentive traffic you are welcomed to apply for Incentive offer directly.

Promo materials: Use only IQ Options creatives.All other creatives must be approved by your account manager. The usage of unapproved creatives might lead to financial penalty through withholding of payment for the period from 1 to 30 days prior to the discovery of violation.

Strictly prohibited to use any kind of fraudulent activites, incentive and bot traffic. In case of breaking offer rules, Affiliate blocking and all leads declined.

FRAUD WARNING! Our Affiliate Network keeps only qualitative traffic delivering to our Advertisers. In case of any fraud detection, account of such Affilate blocks automatically.


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