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Elite Affiliate Pro

Elite Affiliate Pro

Offer Details

  • Category : Bizopp
  • Lead ($) : $ 275.25
  • Last Updated : 17 Oct 2019
  • Countries : Colombia, Norway


High Ticket coaching offer! Igor is one of the top affiliate marketers in the world. This offer is his high ticket coaching program. Your list will need to be warmed up for this to convert, but it will be worth it once it does. Check out the creative section for the proven email sequence you can use to make sales on the offer. All the work is done for you, you just need to mail it, be a little patient and the $$$$$ will roll in for you!! for creatives and detailed info on how to achieve great success with this offer! Users will be sold on a webinar so sales may come in delayed.

Up to $50 pay bump if you send quality traffic and earn sales


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Nexus Offers

More than 10 years ago, three individuals headed out to attend an Affiliate Marketing Conference that would later disrupt the Industry as we know it. As fate would have it, the three were partnered together for a workshop at that very conference. Following, the three decided they would come together and form an alliance, an alliance against the selfishness and corruption in the Affiliate Marketing Industry, an Alliance that would later be known as Nexus Offers.

With a mindset to re-think and re-imagine affiliate marketing, the three did just that. After what seemed like endless Skype sessions, sleepless nights, and a couple hundred Red Bulls, in 2016 Nexus Offers launched and has sense seen remarkable success, for both its Advertisers and Publishers.

To date, Nexus Offers is a full service CPA and CPL network, and is proud to be recognized as 2019’s most reliable and transparent network in the industry. With over a dozen and counting niche markets cornered, Publishers and Advertisers alike can rest assured knowing their traffic is in the hands of industry gurus.

Nexus prides itself on transparency and the success of our advertisers and publishers. With unlimited earning potential, weekly payouts and ongoing training we strive to stay a step ahead of the competition, giving our partners the upper hand and paving the road to success.

Join us for our weekly humpday roundup at 12:00 EST for the latest tips and new hot offers!

Got an offer? Bring it to Nexus Offers! Specialize in traffic? Apply to join our publisher team today.

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