Find a Lawyer Now - DUI/DWI

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Offer Name: Find a Lawyer Now - DUI/DWI
Payout: $15.00 / CPA
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Categories: Legal > Services
Network: RingPartner
Last Updated: Feb 01, 2021
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Find a Lawyer Now - DUI/DWI
Description:This campaign is for callers who have recently been arrested for driving under the influence / driving while impaired and who are looking for legal assistance to help them get through their case. Compliance Guidelines:-By applying to this campaign, you agree to promote it in accordance with the RingPartner Terms & Conditions, which includes our Acceptable Use Policy, and can be viewed here-By applying to this campaign I confirm and agree that I will not bid on any specific law firm names or individual lawyers.-No free legal help, legal aid, free advice, low cost or pro-bono language-No rewards / incentive traffic-No lead form / co-reg / SMS / email traffic-Please speak with the Partner Success Team if you have any questions about specific Promotional MethodsFor any Legal leads or calls you send to RingPartner, You agree to the following: 1.     Your lead generation activities must at all times comply with all applicable state laws and American Bar Association rules, regarding attorney advertising, ethics and client solicitation, and all state bar association rules regarding same, California B&P code §§ 17200 and 17500, et seq., and all underlying rules and regulations including those governing attorney advertising, solicitations and ethics. 2.     Advertisements must not be posted, displayed or directed to any websites or URLs that contain communications regarding an attorney’s services or legal services that: (a) either expressly state or imply qualifications of the attorney or the attorney’s services; (b) include misleading information to create unjustified expectations about a specific attorney or the nature of legal services offered; (c) compare the attorney or legal services to those of other attorneys or legal services; or (d) promise results to be obtained by the attorney or attorneys. 3.     Advertisements must not contain images or depictions of money, judges, celebrities, extreme emotional appeals, acts of violence or imagery of weapons. 4.     Advertisements containing pictures of people, as lawyers, clients, etc., must contain a disclaimer in the footer stating: “All photos are of models and do not depict clients” or substantially similar language.  Examples (not an exhaustive list) of prohibited language: - Promising results or creating unjustified expectations; - Describing attorneys as “expert,” “specialist,” “certified,” “best,” “qualified,” etc., however, you may refer to attorneys as “local” or “practicing in [specified area of law]”; - Statements regarding past success; or - Any express or implied statements that the consumer is using a referral service. 5.     Leads must not be misclassified as pertaining to the wrong legal category or practice of law.  Please note: The target region is “All US” however, there may not be complete coverage for all zip codes. Please speak with the Partner Success Team for more information on the specific geo-coverage of this campaign.


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