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Chirofoam - CPA

Chirofoam - CPA

Offer Details

  • Category : Sleep, Mattress, Home
  • Sale ($) : $ 50.00
  • Last Updated : 11 Feb 2019
  • Countries : NA


Chirofoam is a Canadian based mattress-in-a-box company founded in 2016. Chirofoam mattresses are designed by chiropractors and sleep experts who have been analyzing years of research and data to create the perfect mattress to assist in restorative sleep. Unlike other mattresses, a Chirofoam mattress has 5 key features that differentiate it from the competition: Pressure Relief, Proper Back Support & Alignment, Balanced Sleep Temperature, Elimination of Motion Transfer and Sag Resistance. Chirofoam offers a 100 day risk-free trial to make sure you love your new mattress.

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