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Sweepstake Iphone XS v.2 - CPL - [BE]

Sweepstake Iphone XS v.2 - CPL - [BE]

Offer Details

  • Category : Sweepstakes
  • Lead ($) : $ 0.90
  • Last Updated : 18 Feb 2019




  Target action: 

- Registration


- Belgium


- 0.9 USD


- All type of devices

  Hold for beginners: 

- 7 days

  Hold for trusted partners: 

- 0-7 days.

   Offer description:

Sweepstake Iphone XS is a popular resource that allows you to participate in the Iphone XS raffle.

Simply fill out a free application to participate in the draw - and wait for the draw itself.

No additional fees - all participants are on an equal footing.


Test limit: 50 conversions before feedback

Feature of the offer:

drawing of the new iPhone, which are the most interesting to users.
minimum hold
service is localized

Traffic recommendations:


The best option would be FB and Instagram, but only for those who know how to use it. These sources work well, plus, they can set a detailed target.

Push and PopUnder are also excellent for this offer because their conversion of sweepstakes is good. They attract the maximum number of freebie fans.

Belgium is a good GEO for sweepstakes. In this country, the average income of the population is below the average compared to other countries. Accordingly, they will be interested in the opportunity to get one of the newest gadgets from Apple.


What kind of creatives should be used in the pre-landing pages to sweepstakes?  Such creatives as roulette, mini-games or polls.  You need to make it look like a person can’t simply get a prize, but with minimal effort or by doing some kind of work.  But don’t use blinks, flickers or lots of glow. Such effects will be annoying, look cheap and people will feel cheated. Pre-landing pages in style of news or blog posts are better for FB.  

With high volumes and quality of traffic, we can provide you with a higher rate, and it is also special for you to develop creatives and prelends.

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