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Cosmedique Ultra-Concentrated Skin Rejuvenation - Anti-Aging - Skincare - Advertorial - Free-Trial - US

Cosmedique Ultra-Concentrated Skin Rejuvenation - Anti-Aging - Skincare - Advertorial - Free-Trial - US

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  • Category : Freebie Health & Beauty Mobile
  • Lead ($) : $ 30.00
  • Last Updated : 22 Sep 2019
  • Countries : Cape Verde, Switzerland, United States


Cosmedique's All-In-One Anti-Aging Treatment

Ultra-Concentrated Skin Rejuvenation

-Fast Acting Ant-Wrinkle Cream

-Intensive Firming

-24 Hour Hydration

-Under-Eye Treatment




Say goodbye to needles!

As result of this major breakthrough – this first no-needle skin treatment that stimulates rejuvenation and recovery of damaged cells, works from the inside out to give you a smooth, supple, wrinkle-free skin.

Eliminate The Fine Lines, Age Spots and Wrinkles That “Give Away” Your Age…

The first and only treatment, effective for the fine lines as well as deep wrinkles. A breakthrough in Anti-Aging, accidentally discovered by scientists in Switzerland when they researched a cure for post-facial reconstruction scars therapy.

The Results Speak for Themselves

Profound benefits of this ultra-concentrated age defying formula—it immediately begins to reverse the aging process on it’s very first application!


This ultra-concentrated skin revitalizing formula, bio-engineered with the most age defying ingredients such as: Caviar Extract, Retinol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Algae, Tocopherol Acetate, DMAE, Phytosphingosine and The Swiss Apple Extract. to FIGHT, CORRECT and PROTECT… Your Skin from A Lifetime Of Damage!


Starting DAY 1, You’ll experience dramatic improvements to the look and feel of your skin. Using this dermatologists recommended, non-surgical skin rejuvenating method you can expect:

Firm, smooth, and brighten skin.

Regulate the production of lipids in the outer skin layers.

Promoting natural moisturizing of the skin.

Stimulate the multiplication of stem-cells in your skin.

Stabilize minerals that aid in skin nourishment.

Cosmedique’s unique All-In-One clincial strength formula.

Targeting several problem areas, synergistically healing, revitalizing, and protecting your skin from the ravages of age.

Forehead & Frown Lines

We replenish and plump lost reserves of Hyaluronic Acid that lead to deep horizontal brow lines and frown lines as we age.

Blemishes And Age Spots

Retinol (vitamin A) treats liver spots, solar lentigines, and blemishes, causing them to fade, and disappear within 4 -10 weeks.

Crows Feet (Lateral Canthal Wrinkles)

DMAE quickly firms and lifts the delicate skin around the eyes reducing deep lines and loss of elasticity for a smooth relaxed effect.

Dark Under Eye Circles

Vitamins, A, C, & E work together to create a dynamic synergy reducing irritation, inflammation, oxidation and discoloration.

Broken Capillaries (Telangiectases)

The natural proteins in our Caviar Extract are immediately absorbed and heal the irritated and broken blood vessels in your skin.

Perioral Lines and Oral Commissures

Those pesky lines around your lips are from diminished Ceramide and reduced barrier function. Renew and erase in 6-12 weeks.

Marionette Lines

Deep lines respond well to the immediate lifting action of DMEA and the long-term regeneration of our patented Stem Cells.

“After verifying consumer review data, researchers noted an incredible 97% of subjects demonstrated...”

In Just 27 Seconds: Cosmedique doesn’t erase your wrinkles instantly. We’re all sick of claims like these. No product can do that, no matter what the manufacturer promises. But Cosmedique does use Soft Light Diffusion Technology to diminish the appearance of your wrinkles in just 27 seconds. Healing on a deeper level takes longer, but you’ll look better right away.

Day 10: By now, the skin is already working to recover and rebuild its damaged, inner structure. All three layers of the skin are starting to heal and rejuvenate intensively, and the skin already looks firmer and tighter.

By Week 4: The narrow wall of cells known as the dermal-epidermal junction is almost completely repaired. Flaws in the skin disappear and wrinkles begin to look “filled in”. The people who know you best might suspect you’ve had cosmetic injections to achieve results like these.

By Week 8: At this point your skin should have almost the same cell density as a 30-year-old, no matter how old you are. Lines, wrinkles and blemishes are significantly reduced. In many women, they completely disappeared – leaving the skin looking nearly flawless.

Cosmedique’s Life-infusing Science Signature

Enhancing the skin’s natural renewal process.

Cosmedique is a complete formulation of many different skin healing ingredients, including hyaluronic acid, retinol, DMAE, Vitamins A, C and E, natural proteins, ceramide, and the key ingredient – a revolutionary new formula that stimulates stem cell multiplication. Each ingredient is molecularly engineered to be as small as possible, so it gets through to every layer of the skin.

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