Is SEO Dead? [Infographic]

SEO is dead? Apparently that’s what some people have been saying for over a decade now. Despite this, SEO is still alive and kicking. Running and jumping even. There are reasons that SEO will never die. Search engines like SEO, and search engines tend to dominate the web. In addition, people don’t realize that what [...]

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What Affects Ad Viewability?

What is Affecting Ad Viewability? You may think that placing an ad at the top of a web page is the best way to get noticed. This is not always true, however. An ad makes an impression on someone when at least half of the ad is in view for more than one second. With [...]

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5 Easy Ways To Instantly Create Urgency With Your Lead Pages

The time to create urgency is now! Studies have shown that creating urgency can improve clicks by three times or more. Time, scarcity and similar tactics as a call-to-action build urgency to respond for your audience.This creates more clicks and encourages full conversions at a faster rate. Follow these simple tips to create urgency on [...]

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Facebook’s Slingshot hits 2.0

Facebook just can’t stay away from the ephemeral sharing of photos and looping videos. Last week they reintroduced Slingshot, their effort to capture the millennial and teen appeal of Snapchat. They orignally launched Slingshot  back in June.  Many complained that it was too much work compared to it’s chief competitor, Snapchat. According to The Next Web, [...]

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Inbox by Gmail – About to Get Much Cooler

Inbox by Gmail will add a unified view, cross browser support, and so much more – eventually anyway. During a Reddit AMA discussion, Inbox announced a ton of new features that are currently in the works to debut “sooon.” A unified inbox that combines emails addresses into a single view (about time!).  ”We’re actively looking [...]

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5 Ways To Utilize Thank You Pages

Conversion, conversion, conversion!  The three C’s to any online marketing campaign. Yes, do your happy dance or have a mental party, but don’t think your job is done – yet.   You are on a role.   Your page visitor is already strolling down that “yes” path, they are engaged, and seemingly loving your business. Now is [...]

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How is content marketing changing SEO? [Infographic]

We have all had the term SEO (search engine optimization) crammed down our preverbale throats time after time when it comes to the ins and outs of internet marketing.  But how is content changing the old techniques of SEO services?  Are SEO services like manual link building and on-page keyword optimization a thing of the past [...]

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