The Total Cost of Website Testing [Infographic]

Website testing can be one of the biggest unforeseen costs for many online businesses.  When these hurdles stand in your way, you need to be prepared to make a quick and knowledgeable decision on how to move forward. The infographic below can be just what you need to find out important details about: What you [...]

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Twitter Now Placing Ads Within User Profiles?

You might soon notice a new adornment to your Twitter profile:  an advertisement. Just as predicted twitter is bringing promoted tweets to people’s profile pages as part of a new market test.   According to Re/code, “The ads are separated from other tweets by a small bumper that creates a break in the stream, and [...]

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4 Awesome Tips to Optimize Your YouTube Videos

Unless you have been living under a rock, you are probably aware at how powerful video content has become.   In fact, according to Cisco online video users are expected to double to 1.5 billion in 2016. One-third of all online activity is spent watching video 100 million internet users watch an online video everyday Videos [...]

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Outsourcing: How to Find Talent on LinkedIn [Infographic]

Let’s face it, social media and social networking is here to stay.  It’s alive, prospering, and down right useful. Today, the vast majority of business professionals and job seekers are using LinkedIn as their resume hub, a place to learn about new career opportunities, and advance their careers.   Thus, making LinkedIn a mecca for [...]

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Court Sides with FTC: Advertisers Liable For Deceptive Affiliates

The big news this weeks seems to be the recent federal court ruling stating that advertisers should be held accountable for any deceptive or otherwise illegal acts and practices that are preformed by affiliate marketers.  The court then ordered the advertiser to payout the entire $11.9 million in payments it received. The court ruled that [...]

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Lessons Learned from the Pinterest Ban

If you were one of the thousands of internet marketers that were using Pinterest, you recently were handed some bad news. Last month the premier social network sent out an official statement,“We are removing affiliate links to ensure we’re providing the best possible experience for Pinners.  Recently, we observed affiliate links and redirects causing irrelevant [...]

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Utilizing Garcinia Cambogia RCTs to Substantiate Claims and Enhance Conversions

  It is no secret that dietary supplements, herbal remedies, patches, creams, wraps and products rubbed into the skin are high-profile.  Weight loss offers are among the most intensely scrutinized by local, state and federal regulators, including those for garcinia cambogia. Each website must be in substantial compliance based on the specific facts and nature [...]

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