Guide to The Perfect LinkedIn Profile [Infographic]

With all this talk this week of LinkedIn and it’s somewhat sleepy uses, this infographic should come in handy.   As was stated previously in 3 Key Ways to Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Business, your LinkedIn profile should be vastly different than that of your forward facing Facebook page.  Meaning it shouldn’t be filled […]

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Bitcoin is Again Real Money – According to US Judge

According to a federal judge, Bitcoin is money.  The court decision came in this past Monday in a decision linked to a criminal case over hacking attacks against JP Morgan Chase & Co.  This contradicts the previous ruling by a Miami judge who stated the virtual currency could not be classified as money. The judge […]

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3 Key Ways to Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Business

Many more entrepreneurs that I have spoke to recently all seem to be screaming the same name:  LinkedIn.  What is coming out of their mouths is shocking!  Most say they would gladly give up access to Facebook, Twitter, or even Reddit before they let go of LinkedIn.  Why? They must be crazy, right? No, I […]

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MyAdMarket – Ad Serving Platform with the X Factor

What is MyAdMarket? MyAdMarket is an all-in-one ad serving platform that offers everything that ad networks, advertisers, publishers and affiliates need, to run a successful advertising business. MyAdMarket’s integrated ad serving solutions enables them to manage, report and optimize all of their online advertising campaigns. All of this is done with MyAdMarket’s attractive and clear […]

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FTC Announces Telemarketer Fees for the Do Not Call Registry to Increase in 2017

  The FTC recently announced that 2017 fees for telemarketers accessing phone numbers on the National Do Not Call Registry will increase from 2016, and are set forth in a Federal Register notice. All telemarketers calling consumers in the United States are required to download the numbers on the DNC Registry to ensure they do […]

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Desperate Chipotle – Tweets About Marijuana and Sex

Chipotle just may have tried to jump the shark with their recent tweets.  They seem to be desperatly trying to regain (or gain) the appeal of it’s younger consumers with a tweet referencing sex and marijuana. The restaurant chain posted a poll on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon asking “How many burritos?” People were asked to […]

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20 Habits of Highly Unsuccessful Entrepreneurs [Infographic]

Gordon Tredgold, founder and CEO of Leadership Principles recently published an article that focused on the bad habits that you should avoid on your road to success. He later then turned the popular article into an infographic. The article was based of his 25 years of experience in leadership, highlighting some of the most detrimental […]

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