How Top Bloggers Make Money Blogging [Infographic]

Blogging is no longer just a hobby.  It’s a business.  Whether you want a blog to supplement your company’s social platform, or you want a blog to be your full-time job, it’s a powerful tool that you can help you reach any goal. As of now, there are 6.7 million people blogging,.. so that means [...]

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Search Marketing: How a simple copy change increased conversion 21%

Serving customers in an effective manner starts with gaining intelligence. Rather than the kind of intelligence needed to solve Sudoku puzzles or win in a game of chess, it’s more about knowing what your customers like and what they want. For example, how could your product or service improve their career? How could what you’re [...]

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10 Wildly Actionable List Building Strategies That Are Sure to Generate More Subscribers Today

Could you imagine being able to make just one simple change to your site and noticing an instant increase in email subscribers? What if I told you there were 10 of these changes you could make right now to start generating more subscribers today and that each of them would generate more leads for you? [...]

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Did GoDaddy go to far with their new “related” video – Bad Marketing?

Last week GoDaddy released a couple of new commercials.  Like many of their past commercials, their objective (I believe) was to send a clear message regarding the ease of creating your own website but yet remain funny and offbeat. The first of the two commercials, Stick It, starts out with a woman who tells us her [...]

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The Psychology of Colors in Marketing [Infographic]

Color is a meaningful constant for sighted people as well as a super powerful psychological tool.  Your choice of colors for sales pages, landing pages, etc can either send a positive or negative message, encourage sales, calm a crowd, or make an athlete pump iron harder. Countless studies have found that the use of certain [...]

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5 Secrets to Writing Winning Headlines

You’ve just written killer sales copy you know is going to blow away the competition and get readers to ‘click now.’  Good for you! But unless you get someone to read it, you’re dead in the water. Statistics prove that 80% of your readers don’t bother going past your headline. It has to be just [...]

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OfferVault Presents Google’s New Shopping Scripts And What You Can Do With Them

Whether you are convinced Google is trying to take over the world, or you think they are simply a company who is simply fantastic at innovating ways to give people what they want, one thing is certain. They are succeeding, and they succeed because they excel at making things simple for the end-user. With Google [...]

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