Are Your Keywords and Content Combining for the Best Results?

How do you measure your social media marketing efforts? Ways to measure can be tricky, but with a little help, you can get a better idea of where you stand. Start asking questions like, do your search metrics show the needed keyword results? If you are only focusing on search engine marketing, you are behind […]

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Scary Simple Tips For Your October E-Marketing Plan

It’s nearly October, and if you haven’t already gotten a head start on your holiday email marketing plan, then you should now. One thing to take into consideration, though, is how much technology has evolved and how many people are using their mobile devices to shop, view store ads, and view coupons and other promotions. […]

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How Ready Is Your Startup For Success? [Infographic]

It’s still the American dream.  The dream to be your own boss, set your own hours, and own your own business.  But how many of us really have sat down and researched what that would entail? To make it as an entreprenuer or even a solopreneur, you need to have a certain mindset, a really […]

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Apple’s iOS9 – An App Developer’s Bank Deposit Slip

Yes, it is that time again – the time where all of Apple’s loyal customers scramble to get their new iPhones and the rest of the Apple user market updates their devices with the newest iOS9.  But that isn’t the biggest buzz around town.   The loudest squawks can be heard regarding the operating system’s […]

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5 Ways To Churn Content Out Like A Pro

All content marketers have had to overcome one thing as they walked their path to success.  Fear.   Content marketing requires the horrific task of writing, and not just the ordinary amount, but it should be done in large quantities.  For many just the process of writing alone is terrifying, but dump on quantity equation […]

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US Money Spending In Real Time [Infographic]

As we quickly approach that time of year where our money seems to just fly out the window from buying costumes, holiday presents, and holiday travel one can’t help but wonder are we the only ones?  And as marketers, we seem to always be looking around the corner for that next big hook that will […]

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Star Studded Line Up for Dreamforce – Foo Fighters, Jessica Alba, and More!

Salesforce’s conference, Dreamforce, started today!  This is the world’s largest technology conference. They have created an environment and space where all great minds of technology across multiple industries can come together and collaborate and network for four full days. According to the Salesforce site, this is why those of us in the marketing business should […]

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