Matomy Announces Stategic Investment In Partnership With Publicis Groupe

MATOMY ANNOUNCES STRATEGIC INVESTMENT IN PARTNERSHIP WITH PUBLICIS GROUPE Publicis Groupe to acquire up to 24.9% of Matomy, the global leader in ‘pure’ performance advertising, in order to accelerate growth in performance-based advertising Matomy Media Group Ltd. (LSE:MTMY), one of the world’s leading digital performance-based advertising companies, has agreed to a strategic partnership with Publicis [...]

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Did Your Grandparents Just Give You a Friend Request? They Just Might [Infographic]

Galloping around Facebook is no longer a game for the young. With each passing year, the percentage of U.S. seniors who actively participate in the social media juggernaut continues to skyrocket. This infographic from shows exponential increases in the percentage of Facebook users who also get a discount when they go out to eat. [...]

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6 Split-Testing Mistakes You Should Avoid

These days, your business likely depends on consistent and ever-improving conversion rates through your website. Store visits aren’t enough. The problem is, how do we know if what we’re doing is working? Sales online go up one month, down the next, and up again after that. Is it the weather? A holiday? Did the government [...]

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Online News Consumption Changing from Curiosity to Spoonfeeding

Information these days doesn’t get found. It finds you. That’s the conclusion based on new internal data released by the New York Times, which shows their home page visitors dropping from over 140 million in early 2011 to just over 80 million in 2013. The reason is because “readers increasingly find links to news articles [...]

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Ignore These Ten Workplace Tools at Your Peril

If there was an easier way to do your work, would you try it? No one wants to spend the workday madly scrambling to get things done. Office inefficiency is a nightmare that people endure every day, and there is very little that can cause more stress. This is why learning about some of the [...]

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Facebook still has you under a microscope, but promises to learn and improve

Facebook has been the source of some intense scrutiny lately as it has been revealed that the online social mogul has used accounts to conduct research on the billions of people who routinely log in to the website. Let’s think about that for a minute. Facebook has gathered unwarranted and unsolicited data based off of [...]

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What America’s Fastest Growing Companies Spend On Google AdWords [InfoGraphic]

The digital age has made pay per click advertising one of the fastest growing industries in history. Companies now have an easy way to get their message out there via the Internet, and growing businesses are quickly jumping on the PPC bandwagon. A large portion of a business’s allotment for marketing often goes to online [...]

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