PPC Tips: Where is the Industry Headed?

We could all agree that 2013 was a huge year for pay-per-click management with the cyclone of changes that arose, both interesting and sometimes frustrating results.   Now moving forward into the current year, 2014, Google is again hammering us with changes. Granted, the industry at large is constantly in a state of change and [...]

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A Complete Guide To The Essentials Of Post-Hummingbird SEO

With Google’s latest roll out of algorithm changes, online businesses and marketers are once again scrambling to keep up.  So what can you do to keep ahead of the game and not be left sitting on the sidelines? Chris Marentis from Searchengineland.com shared some of his insights on what you as a business owner or [...]

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PPC Remarketing is an Effective Strategy Under Google’s New Rules

The days of just throwing pay-per click (PPC) ads onto Google, Yahoo!, and Bing are long over.  Google has made drastic changes over the past couple of years in the way it ranks websites.  It’s most recent algorithm update, Hummingbird, was released in August of 2013 which created an uproar in the search landscape and [...]

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6 Social Media Marketing Strategies to Drastically Improve Your Efforts in 2014

Everyday we seem to be bombarded with Facebook this, or Twitter that, but what does it all mean for your online marketing strategy?  It is actually said to be the number one daily activity among Americans. “According to Fast Company, 93% of marketers use social media to promote their business. Social media is BIG and only [...]

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2014 Email Marketing Reviews – A Quick Look

The most effective and profitable way to reach out and connect to prospective and current customers is through email marketing. Like touched on previously if you aren’t building your list … well then you are just plain silly! When a well executed email strategy is combined with other marketing services such as social media the [...]

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Why You MUST Build Your Email List—And How To Get Started

The general consensus coming from the internet marketing guru crowd, is that email marketing is still alive and well. A common mistake for a newbie is to fall into the camp of thought that building your list is a waist of time and won’t easily double or triple your income.   That’s just silliness!  Having a [...]

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FCC Issues Business-Friendly TCPA Rulings

This is a guest post brought to us by Richard B. Newman.  Richard is one of the top advertising law and regulatory compliance attorneys in the industry. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”) prohibits, among other things, the use of an artificial or prerecorded voice, or an automatic telephone dialing system, to make non-emergency, informational [...]

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