Video Marketing Trends 2015 [Infographic]

Unless you are hiding in the closet (digitally or otherwise), you are aware of the growing importance of having some kind of video presence linked to your brand.   Syndacast put out an infographic that points out some very compelling reasons for either starting or continuing to engage your customers via this particular media channel. Have [...]

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Watch Out GoDaddy – Google Domains Launches to All in The U.S.

Google Domains has exited the beta testing phase. This past summer the web empire unveiled it’s brand new service to fill a long time voice in the company’s product lineup. Of course they are up against seemingly strong competitors such as NameCheap and GoDaddy, the later of which filed for a $100 million IPO just [...]

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Engage Your Customers Like It’s Christmas (All Year Long!)

In today’s technology hungry age, we are flooded with social media from all most all corners of our everyday life. The benefits of this is of course businesses have the ability to hear from their customers almost constantly. This of course equates into an opportunity for a business to continuously engage with it’s customers in [...]

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8 Ingredients of a Banging Email Marketing Campaign

It’s New Year de-clutter time at the Cush household.  I’ve been going through old bookmarks, documents, and yes even written notes in an effort to de-clutter my work life.  In doing so, I ran across this article posted back in September 2014 on  The article is a glory list of 8 ingredients that will [...]

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Study Reveals the Best and Worst B2B Customer Conversion Channels [Infographic]

Have you finished your sales and marketing plan for 2015?  Well don’t set anything in stone yet before you read the findings from a study conducted by The folks at Implisit analyzed the conversion rates of hundreds of companies in order to break down the specific channels that offered the best B2B conversions.  The [...]

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6 Hacks That Are a Must for Solopreneurs

You are living the American dream, or so it seems.  However, even with all the advantages that come with being a solopreneur the fact still remains that you are a one person company most likely doing the work of five or more. There is no one to remind you of appointments, personally answer your calls, [...]

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A Recipe for the Perfect Landing Page [Infographic]

With the passing of the holidays, I’m certain most of us are over recipes and food in general (well at least I am).    However, we all can agree that every great meal starts with a great recipe or plan.  The same rings true for landing pages. What are the key ingredients that makes not [...]

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