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Trimaleana Garcinia Cambogia Weight Loss Formula Share


Top performing weight loss offer. Converts on one time CC purchase.

CREATIVE: Request creative for this offer from your Account Manager or get approval to create and use your own.

COMPLIANCE: Must use approved creative or get approval for any customized or adjusted creative. Use of non-approved creative will result in publisher account termination and holding of all related commissions.
All email campaign traffic must redirect through your own redirection process! No New Drops on Weekends. Residual weekend traffic will be paid.

Unless otherwise noted in the offer description, none of the offers may be incentivized.

Offer Details

  • Category : Diet & Weightloss
  • Allowed Traffic : Email
  • CPC ($) : $ 1.25
  • Last Updated : 24 Mar 2014, a CPC & CPA Performance Ad Market, is an Evolution in Performance Marketing. They are accepting new Publishers & Advertisers right now.

Curtis Fullmer, long time industry veteran, has generated well over 0,000,000 in the Performance Marketing space. He is well known for his roll at Adknowledge, where he built the fastest growing and most profitable Performance Affiliate Network in the industry.
His new platform,, has been purpose built, from the ground up, as a hybrid CPC/CPA Performance Ad Market, to offer unique solutions for both publishers & advertisers.

Publishers & Advertisers can visit to get started.

Publisher Benefits:

• CPC & CPA Offers: Diversify your monetization mix and get paid the way you want, on time, every time!
• Stability & Longevity: We built our custom platform from the ground up to offer more monetization options & increased adaptability. We fully own & control all of our code, systems and infrastructure. We are well funded and in it for the long term. We are most definitely NOT another fly by night network, on some rented platform.
• Offer Selection: Broad range of verticals to choose from with new CPC & CPA offers added weekly. Let us know what you are looking for and if we don’t have it yet, then we’ll be sure to get it!
• Media Channels: We work in all major Performance Marketing media channels including; Display, Email, Search, Social, Mobile, Contextual, etc.
• Experienced Management: Our team has been successful in the Performance Marketing space since the year 2000. We have been publishers, advertisers and built several successful, well-known, advertising networks. We understand your needs and will help you succeed.
• Paid What Your Worth: Other CPC networks use your good quality traffic to subsidize publishers with poor quality, lowering your CPC’s. OfferMarket bases CPC rates on your own performance, no one else's.
• NO CPC Ceiling: Other CPC networks have a payout ceiling they cannot pay publishers above. If your Traffic Quality improves beyond their top CPC payout, they will not pay you the higher rates you have earned. OfferMarket has NO CPC ceiling. As your TQ increases, your CPC increases, continually & automatically.
• Referral Commissions: 5% on publishers you refer, for the life of your account!
• With OfferMarket, the sky’s the limit!

Connect with us at to get started or for more info.