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  • Aaron Ohan

    Aaron Ohan

    Lawn & Garden. - Revolutionary Glove.
    I'm a product developer & the Badger Garden Gloves are the NEW product I'll be offering for retail this Spring. The first container load will be landing in 30 days and I'm looking forward to working with the right people who can move the product.
    This is a disruptive technology with USPTO Patent Pending.
    Contact me if you need demographic info.

  • Above All Offers

    Above All Offers was established by an Internet Marketing team with over 13 years of experience in all verticals.

  • AddsPRO Media

    AddsPRO Inc. is a global advertising network specializing in pay-for-performance programs that enhance results for e-commerce businesses around the world. Our network reaches and connects with millions of online and mobile consumers every day by facilitating productive partnerships between advertisers, publishers, and agencies. We have extensive experience in online and mobile verticals and are currently helping our partners in building their digital presence and maximizing their monetization potential.

    Advantages for Publishers
    - Highest Payouts and on-time payments
    - Access to Exclusive Offers
    - 100% Reliable Tracking
    - Access to Top Performing Creatives
    - Robust Tools & Reporting
    - Dedicated Account Manager
    - Reliable Publisher Support

    Advantages for Advertisers
    - Boost your Traffic
    - Maximize your Reach
    - Increase your Online Sales
    - Improve your ROI
    - Pay only for Qualified Acquisitions
    - Robust Tools & Reporting
    - Dedicated Account Manager

    AddsPRO can help you build your online and mobile presence, promote your e-commerce products, reach out to new audiences and ultimately, increase your revenue. Our global network of advertisers and publishers provides you with unique ways to market and monetize your great ideas.

    With a diverse set of high-paying, exclusive offers (up to 5 CPA!) we can help you maximise your earning potential.

    Whether you handle local or international traffic, mobile or online, incentivized or non-incentivized traffic, please get in touch with us, we want to hear from you.

    Get in touch with us via email at

  • AdGate Media Content Lock Gateway

    No one knows incentivized marketing better than we do. We’ve been in the industry for many years and it’s time we give some of our experience to you.
    AdGate Media is run by veterans of the incentive marketing industry. We know what works and what doesn’t, and we’re here to help our affiliates make the most of this knowledge. Whether you’re a blogger, marketer, video creator, game developer, or anyone else can who earn from their content, we can help you.
    Why are we better than our competitors? Aside from our experience, we have a passion for working in this industry. We will work around the clock to make sure you can make as much money as possible. Our success depends on the success of our affiliates. Because of this we promise to offer you the best support possible, the highest payouts, and the most flexible payout schedule. We are here for you.

  • Adscend Media

    Adscend Media we're not just another CPA Network. Adscend Media was founded in February 2009 by veterans of the incentive marketing industry. We are a performance-based network that focuses on digital content monetization. Our services are popular with both internet marketers and webmasters of content-rich websites, for their ability to generate high revenues from content that they can easily create or distribute.

    Our flagship content gateway is an easy and powerful way of monetizing virtually any type of online content. When a person visits a webpage that includes our gateway, an overlay will appear and block access to the content. Once the visitor completes their choice of an offer, the gateway is removed so they can access the content. Our content gateway tool is optimized to automatically select the highest-performing offers or you can choose specific offers to present to your users. You can easily customize the appearance of your content gateway as well.

    Content ideas

    -> Ebooks (with proper distribution rights)
    -> Instructional guides or videos (e.g. video game tips, guitar lessons)
    -> Fonts, wallpapers, Windows themes
    -> Graphics: icons, stock photos/images, textures
    -> Templates: web, Flash, Wordpress, forum themes, etc.
    -> File conversion sites (doc, pdf, media)
    -> Code, plugins, browser add-ons, royalty free sounds
    -> Guitar tabs, bass tabs, sheet music, etc.
    -> Music (with proper distribution rights)
    -> Software downloads (with proper distribution rights)
    -> Premium content area of your website
    -> And much more!

    Why Adscend Media?

    -> Highest EPCs
    -> Global monetization
    -> Quality offers
    -> Superior support staff
    -> Payment on time, every time
    -> Proprietary tracking platform
    -> Top-tier advertisers

    Our powerful monetization tools are just one part of our broader operations as a CPA network, serving publishers of all experience levels with various traffic sources - search, banner, contextual, incentive, and more.

    Check us out now!

  • AdWork Media

    Are you earning the full potential from your traffic? AdWork Media is an innovative network featuring over 1,400 campaigns including a great collection of email submits & downloads, unique features, and numerous money-making tools. Our exclusive publisher tools such as our advanced Content Lockers, Offer Walls, and our hosted Product Lockers & Link Lockers are easy to integrate with your sites, blogs, & apps!

    AdWork Media's platform and publisher tools are built on a custom in-house platform that allows us to continuously improve the publisher experience while maintaining flawless tracking and reliability. Our campaign manager, reports, API, tools and other features are all designed around an easy-to-use experience that also incorporates the advanced settings you should expect from any network.

    Our content lockers feature over 50 customizable settings that you can adjust to perfectly fit your monetization strategy. Use our split testing feature to optimize variables for your traffic. Additionally, our knowledgeable support team is available 7 days per week to assist you with technical support and campaign optimizing.

    We believe in rewarding publishers for their hard work since after all, this is the incentive industry. Each month as you earn, you will unlock built-in Monthly Performance Bonuses that can greatly increase your earnings.

    Get started now! Use Promo Code "OffervaultRocks" after you are approved for a 1 Hour - 10% Bonus.

  • Affiliate Crossing

    Affiliate Crossing unchains the power of communication, date and transparency to provide top-notch online marketing where, every day, the customer becomes the hero.

    Affiliate Crossing is an innovative full-service advertising, digital, affiliate and performance marketing agency, working hard to minimize CPA and maximize sales and exposure. As one of the top ranked digital performance marketing agencies, Affiliate Crossing takes pride in providing publishers and advertisers with professional and observant account management.

  • Affiliate Officials

    Affiliate Officials objective is to get you paid!

    We work closely with all of our advertisers to get the highest payouts for the highest performing affiliates.

    We also work closely with our affiliates to try and give them what they need to make the most out of their relationship with us. Need a better report on what offers are performing on our network? Just ask! Want help finding an offer that's going to perform for your unique niche traffic? Reach out! We can make it work, and we'll give you as much info as possible to make your life easier and get you paid!

    We've been involved in the industry for almost ten years at various levels including being advertisers, technical operators, and affiliates ourselves. We know how hard you work, and we pay accordingly.

    We are currently focusing on the financial sector. Including Forex, Binary and other offers in that arena. We'll be expanding fast!

    So signup on our network, and let's get things rolling! Reach out to find an offer that fits your marketing methods and we will get you paid!

  • Affiliate4Web - International/Russian Dating

    Affiliate4Web is home to several international dating websites and recently celebrated over 10 years of International matchmaking. Our flagship website ( is the world’s leading Russian-American introduction and online communications company. Over the last decade we have also introduced US Local dating (, Asian Dating (, Latin Dating ( and a fresh, new Russian Dating site (

    As an Affiliate4Web affiliate you will have access to custom marketing tools, including text links and regularly updated banners and other creatives. We feature the highest visitor to customer conversion rate in the industry and pay an amazing per lead on a 5 Field SINGLE OPT IN*! There is absolutely no cost or programming required from your end, just pick a banner or a text link, generate codes for banners or ads and paste them into the source code section of your website. We pay on a monthly net 7 (just 7 business days after month end) so you don't have to spend a lot of time waiting for your hard earned commissions.

    As a Dream World Partner Affiliate, you will have a personal account which provides reports detailed reports on banner displays, orders, paid leads and more. You can track your money, scale for growth and improve your bottom line. Our devoted staff works with the Dream World Partners Affiliate program in order to provide affiliates with the best service to you and the customers. With you as part of our affiliate marketing team, we will work together to keep your customers satisfied with our services. If the FAQ doesn’t have your answer, our team will process your inquiry within 24 hours.


      Easy Pay Per Lead (PPL) program

      5 field sign-up form converts on first page (SOI)

      Exclusive Landing Pages and regularly updated creatives

      Cookie duration: 45 days

      On-time Monthly payouts

      Display, Email, Social, PPC, PPV, traffic allowed (see affiliate manager for other allowed methods)

      International Traffic (18 countries allowed)

      PayPal, Wire transfer

  • is an invite based global affiliate network founded by highly experienced online marketers, among them; super affiliates that understand affiliates needs. affiliaXe strives to provide a great variety of offers, competitive payouts and excellent customer service both for affiliates and advertisers. With offices both in London, UK and Tel Aviv, ISRAEL, affiliaXe has become a major key player in the affiliate marketing industry by delivering great bottom line results for advertisers and by helping affiliates boost their revenues.
    Request an invite now!